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What people are saying about us?  Don't just take it from us; let our clients do the talking!

"Thanks for the quick turnaround of these designs". Keller Geotechnique

"Great work Jim.  Comforting to have you on the team!" Mason Navarro Pledge Limited 

"Your report makes very welcome reading, and it is brilliantly concise n its way of conveying clear arguments on the complicated issues at hand". Mouchel Limited

"Thank you for the calculations package which I have now had chance to review.  The information contained within and the summary output is ideal and duly accepted.  Many thanks for your assistance". Volkerstevin

"Many thanks to Will Frampton and your team for the great service you have shown us recently, in particular the quick turnaround.  I am sure there will be more to come in the near future". Shepherd Construction Limited

"The test results and Byland's conclusions appear fine to me.  Their predictions on pile capacity and settlement were proved to be remarkably accurate". Geotechnics Limited 

"Will - Thanks for all your efforts - I know we didn't make it easy for you!  But it is fully appreciated by everyone at our end, who's involved with the project". Skanska

""Many thanks for the email below attaching the Byland's Soil Nail designs and details.  I haven't started a full check yet.  However, it is rare indeed that I feel humbled by the outstanding work of another Engineer.  David Budden has presented an outstanding submission, and I can only thank and compliment him on his work which is of the highest order.  I plan to carry out a full category 2 design check with an email report on Tuesday.  I can however pre-empt my response in that I have looked over the drawings and sections, all of which look to be very well considered, and provide all that has been asked of Aarsleff and Byland. I therefore expect that this will be a formality". Arc Engineers

"This is just a note to express our thanks for the efforts and design solutions you have provided into the permanent works design.  The solutions you have provided have not only proved to be extremely cost and programme effective, but also we have been able to retain a lot of the heritage assets which have enhanced the final design of the project.  In some respects, and on a personal note, I suppose I have come to expect this type of assistance from yourself and your organisation.  On behalf of Northern Hub Alliance, I would like to thank you again and express the Alliances gratitude for all the works you have undertaken".  Skanska BAM Northern Hub Joint Venture and the Northern Hub Alliance

"Jim/Mary - Thanks for this a very thorough assessment and design". Vertical Access Ltd

"Jim - These are excellent, thank you". J&S Piling & Foundations Ltd

"James - We appreciate the fast turnaround on this".  Van Elle Ltd